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Products & Services - Other
Products & Services - Other Services

Safe Deposit Boxes
Lost Key Charge - $20 Each
Drill Fee - $100 Minimum or Actual Cost

Box Size A = $15*
Box Size B = $15*
Box Size C = $20*
Box Size D = $25*
Box Size E = $30*
Box Size F = $35*
Box Size G = $50*
Box Size H = $75*

*Annual Rent

When Annual Rent is Automatically Debited from Checking or Savings Account, $5 Discount Per Year Applies.

Financial Counseling, Insurance and Trust Services
Financial Counseling
Credit Life Insurance
Accident & Health Insurance
Trust Services*

*We Offer Trust Services Including Real Estate Contracts, Escrows, Safekeeping and Farm Management

Loan Services
Agricultural Loans
Line of Credit
Equipment Loans
Farm Real Estate Purchase
Equipment Leasing
Guaranteed Loans

Business Loans
Inventory/Accounts Receivable
Commercial Real Estate
Equipment Leasing
SBA Guaranteed Loans

Personal Loans
Line of Credit
Home Purchase
Home Improvement
Home Equity
Auto Purchase
Student Loans

Miscellaneous Services
24-Hour Touch-Tone Banking
ATM Cards
Bank By Mail
Credit Cards
Debit Cards
Direct Deposit
Drive-Up Banking
Night Depository
U.S. Savings Bonds

Contact your local branch office for full details!

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