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Products & Services - Savings
Products & Services - Savings

Statement Savings
Minimum Balance to Open Account - $150
Interest Compounds Daily, Credited Quarterly
Monthly Service Charge Waived for Minors (<18 years old), Senior Citizens (62 or older) and Not-For-Profit Organizations
Monthly Service Charge Waived if Average Daily Balance Equals $1,000+
Maximum of 6 Debits Per Month
Excess Debit Fee - $2 Each

Minimum Balance
$150+ = No Monthly Service Charge
Under $150 = $2 Monthly Service Charge

Certificates of Deposit
A Variety of Maturities and Rates Available

Individual Retirement Accounts
Plan For Retirement
Save for Taxes

Christmas Club
Be Prepared for Christmas ~ Save All Year

Contact your local branch office for full details!

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